Safe Care


Choosing Strategic Placement

Position posters in areas of your hospital or facility where the greatest number of patients and families will have access to the information. In doing so, avoid busy walkways or work areas where patients and visitors who stop to read the poster could block access.


Place posters at eye level in every patient room.


Place more posters at eye level in prominent places and common areas like waiting rooms. Remember that “eye level” can be a lower position on walls in rooms with chairs where families will usually be seated. Place posters at “standing height” in hallways and other areas that patients and families pass.

Just Mention the Resource to Patients and Their Families

When greeting patients, getting them settled in or reviewing other important information about their care, point to and mention the SAFE CARE Patient Safety Education poster as an important resource.


In this manner, patients and their families will become aware of yet another way your hospital or medical care facility is committed to delivering the best and safest care.

Unit-Specific Education Content

If customizing your program, choose from our video library those topics most pertinent to the care being delivered in the unit where you will be displaying the posters. For instance:


In a NICU, customize the topics to address important safety issues like Hand Hygiene and Preventing Pediatric Infections, etc.


In surgical centers, topics might include Preventing Surgical Site Infections, Hand Hygiene and Preventing CAUTIs.


In ICUs, you may want to include topics like Preventing VAP and Preventing CLABSI.