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To use the FREE 2017 SAFE CARE Patient Safety Education Program, CLICK HERE to get it.


Customize the 2017 SAFE CARE Patient Safety Education Program to specifically fit the unique needs and specialized care of your own hospital or medical institution.

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How To Choose Specialized Topic Content

There is a blank space on the upper left of the poster to allow you to easily add your own LOGO.

Customization allows you to actually customize the video content of the nine (9) modules shown on the posters.


From our video library you can choose the patient education videos that more specifically address the type of care you provide by selecting credible content from institutions you trust like The CDC, The Joint Commission Speak Up™ Campaign, AHRQ, The Patient Channel and Safe Care Campaign.


This is perfect for use in specialized areas because you can pick topics that address the very specific needs of those departments such as NICUs, ICUs, oncology units and surgical centers. CMOs and Quality Officers can preview the videos of choice and then select them at will for inclusion in their customized programs.


You may also choose to use a patient safety video of your own.


Many hospitals and other medical care institutions have produced their own videos. If you are one of these, we can assign your video a QR code and add your unique content to the posters as one of the nine (9) module topics.


We can also add YOUR ACTUAL LOGO and facility name as well. When you choose this option, we will complete the customization with YOUR OWN SPECIALIZED TOPICS and then e-mail you a full color

hi-res PDF. (The actual poster size is 11 by 17).


From this file you may print as many posters as you like and use them in any way you see fit.

Your Logo

Actual printable size 11 by 17 inches.

That’s it! You’re done.


Now simply print out and display posters in strategic areas of your hospital or other medical facility as well as inside patient rooms.


Thank you for putting lifesaving educational resources into the hands of your patients.


For TIPS on how to most effectively use your program, CLICK the BOX below.



CLICK HERE to launch our easy customization form where you can view, vet and choose videos by copying and pasting their URLs into one of the nine (9) TOPIC slots. To add one of your own, simply copy and paste your video URL into one of the nine (9) TOPIC slots.


If you need assistance, call SAFE CARE CAMPAIGN at 678-309-9600 and we’ll be happy to help.

Customization fee: $295.